I’ve chosen a website design, colour scheme, and formatting that are visually clear without wanting to stab your eyes out from the contrast. I also have a good tag system going, categorising blog posts both by date and by content. Unless I’ve messed something up, this website should also be navigable by keyboard only, rather than requiring a mouse.

I’m hoping to provide image descriptions throughout to be accessible to those who use screen readers, and to anyone else whereby having descriptions helps reduce brain processing effort and increases comprehension. However I am disabled myself with multiple chronic illnesses and so may not have the spoons  to write those at the same time as the rest of a blog post; rather I might make an incredibly brief update and then return later (hopefully…) to flesh it out.

It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever post videos as I hate them and 99% of the time am too impatient for them and their processing needs.


Last updated: 18th October ’19