Garden Archive: winter 2017/18


The corner room with French windows is where my desk is situated; just by leaning back and turning my head from the screen I can see most of the garden

Photos from before I lived here, when perfect lawn was order of the day.

The previous people who lived here had visiting grandkids, and the people before them were an older couple who had lived here since the house was originally built. There’s a lot of mature trees (will have been planted in the 70s/80s/90s from what I’ve been able to discover), a lot of shrubs (some of which are old person weird conifers, some of which are bog standard, some of which are fancy types like a curly holly?!), and a lot of grass. And a beck!

However it’s worth bearing in mind that I yanked those photos from the house advert, so obviously the garden would have been super neatened up before taking them, to show things as well as possible.

But all in all, as good a blank slate as you could hope for.

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