Things that take time, but are boring to write about

Last month I bought myself a new cage. A new cage that I have absolutely no use for right now, with no immediate plans to fill. I hear you ask ‘why?’.

Well the cage in question was a Speedy Chinchilla cage, that was for sale locally at a fairly cheap price. I already own one Speedy cage, and I adore them, but alas they’re incredibly difficult to come by. At present the stripies live in it (that’s their layout at the top), however previously I’ve used them for rats, Syrian hamsters, degu and fancy mice – in other words, they’re supremely versatile cages. And more than that too, as being 100% metal they’re very long lasting and hard wearing. In addition, I find the Speedy a really useful height to use as a table base, such a thing being an invaluable addition to any rodent room. I’ve been vaguely keeping my eye out for another one over the past few years, so when a friend told me there was one for sale and she would drive me to get it, well, even though the timing wasn’t the best I couldn’t not.

As a result of buying this new-to-me cage, I had to rearrange my rodent room. Because, um, it didn’t fit in otherwise. However I’ve been meaning to rearrange the room for a while and in fact the furniture layout I’d been planning fitted in the new Speedy perfectly, so in reality having to fit in the cage was just a push to getting it done rather than a real inconvenience.

My rodent room is also my spare bedroom; indeed the name of the room changes depending on whether or not I have visitors. This is a large, carpeted first floor south-west facing room. It has a large double glazed window and a low-but-wide radiator. All in all a room that keeps the temperature relatively warm and stable in winter, which is ideal for more exotic species. Take note of the “relatively” though – my house is very cold, so it’s not actually all that warm. In winter the multis and stripies have 11W heatmats on the underside of their cage bases for an extra boost. So in my new room layout, my three main large inhabited rodent cages (stripies, gerbils and multis) are along a single wall, and the two species on either end are next to sockets.

In addition to reorganising the large furniture, I’ve also had a bit of a swap with storage areas between there and the rest of the house. This gives a cleaner look (or will do when I’ve sorted the pile of crap on the floor out) and means all the items I need on a day-to-day basis are in the room itself, so less traipsing around the house.

IKEA sorteras, for food, bedding and cardboard things

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