From 2011-2014 I had a website, Toothbrush Rats, for my pets. Rats were my primary pet at that point (hence the name) although everyone else eventually sneaked in too. Last autumn Weebly had a security breach and even though I had backed up the website, it turns out that for some utterly bizarre reason they don’t allow you to reupload backed up content (see detail here). So that was pretty much the end of that.

I was much too angry at the time to do anything about it, but here I am a year or so later really missing having a website with which to ramble on about my pets. A completely new start, as it turns out. I anticipate the format of this new website to follow what I was in the process of slowly turning Toothbrush Rats into i.e. a few reference pages with species info, details on individuals/ groups and basic care, but for the most part a blog detailing what both I and them have been up to.

The name Dandelion Soup is the title of one of my most loved books. A lot of my pets have had bookish names one way or another, with one of my favourite rats, Amarandh Sequana’s name being taken from Dandelion Soup itself. Additionally, I really enjoy foraging for food for both myself and my pets (a topic which is sure to crop up often in the future), so a name with strong links to that is a damn good fit.

Gracing the top of this very first blog post is Lilliput Fendragon, one of the bestest rats there ever has been. Fen is not particularly shinynew as he’s currently 32 months (~30 in the photo), but since he doesn’t particularly seem to be aware of it he will absolutely be living forever, yes.